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Patterdale Terrier Rescue

I have owned and worked Patterdale Terriers since 1984. If you are looking for a breed of dog to try and make money off of, this is not the breed. Patterdales don't always come in heat every six months like most other breeds. Most only come in every eight months, sometimes they skip a heat cycle, so may only come in two times in three years. They also tend to have small litters. If that wasn't bad enough, because they are working dogs, people are not willing to pay a lot of money for a pup that may not hunt when it gets older. So if you are looking to find a breed to make money on keep looking. Honestly, this breed will cost you more than you will make on the dogs. I asked a friend of mine once how much do you sell your pups for? He said I usually just give them away and then go buy more. He is one of the few people that have been in Patterdales longer than I have.

I recently talked to a local dog catcher that admitted that he had never seen a stray Patterdale Terrier, and he had never had one impounded in the local dog pound. That to me proves that the dogs are not being over bred in this area. I have spent a lot of time, trying to help people relocate Patterdales that they for whatever reasons can no longer keep them. These reasons are very similar to every other breed of dog, plus the added reasons for working/hunting dogs. "He won't hunt!"

I take these dogs in and a lot of times I am able to get them hunting. If I can not I find a pet home for them. The new owner just covers the expense of shipping and either spaying or neutering of the dog and they have them an inexpensive Patterdale Terrier.

If you know of a Patterdale that needs rescued, or if you have one that you can no longer keep, email me I will try and find him a new home. If you are willing to give a new home to a Patterdale that needs rescued email me, I will put your name on the list. Be sure to let me know where you live. If a dog becomes available in your area, you may be able to drive directly to a vet in your area and pick up your newly spayed or neutered pet without any shipping costs.

If you are interested in helping with my rescue efforts, you can send donations to Todd Fulford at 2239 Big Creek Road Wayne WV 25570.



Patterdale Terrier Rescue

There are currently no Patterdales needing rescued. When you email me, include the area that you live in. Not all of the dogs are sent here, and If you are in an area where the dog needs rescued, you may be able to drive directly to the dog. I can put your name on the list as wanting a rescued Patterdale. If you have any questions Click here to email me

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