This is Booth's Mileo. He is out of Booth's Simon and Booth's Tiny (both owned by Tony Riviotta)Mileo is 12 inches tall. The other dog Is Fulford's Deadgame Coco. She is 11 inches Tall. She is line bred out of Nuttall's Jesse and Nuttall's Spartan(Bully)

This is a better picture of Coco. She is five years old. I bred her for the first time and she had seven red, rednose pups, four weeks ago today. Today is 11-13-01.

This is Mileo's sister. Fulford's Deadgame Casey. I sold her to Nathan, when I was going through my divorce. She is three month's old here this is her second rat. I like to train pups with rats, because it teaches them to use their nose. Some pups are ready at this age, but most are not.