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Rescue a patterdale

This is one of the pups out of the frozen Noah semen. He self started hunting at three months old. Here he is working a coon scent. I know this is unbelievable, but this entire litter acts like they are adults already. You can get this male but it will be expensive.

This pup is out of two very good hunting dogs that come from a long line of hunting dogs. I have been trying to get either their mother or her sister for four years, ever since I took their father up to him. He finally agreed to let me get their mother's sister Junebug, because she will not leave his new chickens alone. One female pup available.

all three pictures are the same pup

Call Todd at 304-208-4953. email Todd at

If you are looking for a hunting dog and don't need a pedigree, a friend of mine in Ohio has a litter of pups out of a female that was imported from England.. They lost her pedigree and never did get it replaced. They bred the female to a registered male but the litter is not registered. There are three females available. They are in central Ohio.

I do not have pups for sale very often, You can email me, even if I don't have any I will try and help you locate what you are looking for.

Email Todd at or call 304-208-4953

this is the pups true color


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