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. I have been working Patterdales since 1984. I would love to have today some of the dogs I have had in the past. Dogs like Kori, Milo or Noah. For the majority of us. It is too late and you can't go back, but not for all of us. I bought Noah in 1997. I bred him to Kori in 1998. In that litter there were some incredible dogs. Born 06-05-1998. One of them. John Steed was placed in the Patterdale Terrier Club of America's HOF. John died on April-23-2014. Noah died in 2006, but before he died his semen was frozen. I have a son of Noah now that was born four years after his fathers death.

Easy if you want him more than I do you can buy him for $5000.

This is Noah, son of Jesse, brother to Kori.

Noah's semen was frozen in 1999. We just used some of this 15 year old semen on Prayndig'n's Sissy a very good proven worker. She had six pups. All black. There is one pup available. II cost $300 to extract the semen. Storage was $134 a year for 15 years. Then the vet charged to ship and use the semen, so you can see this is not a $1000 pup. $2000 only one is for sale.

Call Todd at 304-208-4953. . email Todd at

For those of us who can't afford $2,000 here is a litter out of an imported Ken Gould male

and a pure Nuttall bred female for $500 plus shipping. I am having his brother shipped up from Louisiana . They are 8 weeks old.

I do not have pups for sale very often, but every once in a while I do. You can email me, even if I don't have any I will try and help you locate what you are looking for.


Some of my pups

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