Madysn is awesome

my friends
some of my friends
My cousin lexi

Hannah & aly have been my freids 4 about 5 yrs. they rolz my socks

3 of my best friends; Shyanne, Alyssa, and hannah

My cousin and best friend Lexi

Austin, Collin, and Chad

aly: Lots of Lozers
Laff out Loud
Lots of Laffs
Lozers of love
limes on lemons
Lions on Lozers
otl.. rotfllagssclol

Me and my sister, see what i mean

Hannah: elevater, waitor, coffee, honey.. and more


My sister Kayla and me

Austin, Collin, and Chad... agian

Hannah, Alyssa, Shyanne, Lexi, Other Lexi, And Madison: u laugh, I laugh, u cry, i cry, u jump off a bridge, i go get a pattle boat and save ur stupid butt. :)