Draminski Dog Ovulation Detector


Our Ovulation Detector for dogs has been a best seller since 1993. It has been thoroughly tested by dog breeders  in UK, Japan and US with great results.

THE OVULATION DETECTOR saves you time and money:

  • Indicates optimal time for breeding, resulting in more and          healthier puppies
  • Helps identify so called "false heat" and other breeding disorders
  • Avoids costly breeding services and vet bills on bitches which can't conceive
  • Concentrates resources on bitches which are productive

    Extremely Accurate, Safe and Easy to Use


    The detector is a small, portable and versatile instrument powered by a common 9V battery. It gives readouts of the electrical resistance of vaginal mucus which undergoes characteristic changes during the course of the heat cycle.

    Testing procedure:

    Readings are simply taken by inserting the probe into the vagina. Measurements are immediate. One reading per day and sometimes two per day (as heat progresses) are recommended.

    Characteristic changes in the electrical resistance of vaginal mucus are shown by the value of units on a given day of the heat. The best time for mating is indicated. It occurs at the beginning of the decrease in mucus resistance values ( 1 - 2 days ) after the peak value is reached. Your Draminski Ovulation Detector comes complete with a detailed manual.

    Often in practice, there are variations to this normal curve and the maximum peak reading between animals. Thus, this optimal graph may be adjusted to each breeder's own experience and that of the individual bitch.

    The Ovulation Detector for dogs has given favorable results in tests at the Obstetrics Department of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Agriculture and Technology, Olsztyn, Poland. The advantages of using the detector have also been confirmed by research carried out at the University in Giessen, Germany.

    Your unit comes with a two-year warranty against defective parts and workmanship. 


      This is $465.00 This detector will pay for itself over and over again.